Wix Website Builder offers and sells a proprietary shopping cart that they market to merchants aside from being just a hosting/design platform. However, this shopping cart is not like a traditional eCommerce platform like Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce so the plugins available for their system are limited. At this time, Wix does not have us integrated as a built-in payment option for their stores, but there is a method below by which you can use Green in Wix! In addition to that, you should go to this page (Requesting Additional Payment Providers) and clink the link at the bottom to submit a ticket. Let them know you want them to integrate Green into their platform and give them a link to our website at http://green.money!

The good news about the Wix Shopping Cart is that it allows a number of plugins specifically to handle the checkout, including one built on the Ecwid platform. If a merchant uses the Ecwid checkout for the Wix Shopping Cart, they can leverage the Green Ecwid plugin to send that cart information to the Green System.

The information and installation instructions for the Green Ecwid plugin can be found at http://www.green.money/ecwid. In order to get Ecwid installed in your Wix site, you may need to contact Wix customer or technical support.