Green does integrate with Shopify through one of our pre-built plugins. Although this plugin is not as tightly coupled as our WooCommerce integration since it requires a redirect to a secure checkout page run by Green. You may find our Shopify plugin as well as installation instructions by going to

Required Fields

Our API requires the following fields from Shopify orders: Customer Email, First and Last Name, Address, City, County, State, Zipcode, and Phone Number. If any of these fields are not received, an error message will be displayed on the checkout page.

Order Emails

When an order is placed in Shopify and the customer pays with Green, two emails are sent out by Shopify. This is due to the checkout process where payment happens in two stages. First, the order is created in Shopify’s system when the customer hits the checkout button. Following that, the customer's order information gets forwarded to Green to initiate the secure checkout process. When the order is created in Shopify during the first step, the first email is automatically sent out by Shopify. At regular 10 minute intervals thereafter, Shopify attempts to poll Green for a check payment for that order.

If a check is found, the order is marked as "Paid" in Shopify triggering the send of a second email. Green has no control over these emails. For more information about the statuses used by Green, please see the next section.

Order Statuses

When an order is initially placed and before payment is taken, the order status is set to "Pending." At the interval when Shopify polls Green for check status, if a check is found, the order is marked as "Paid." If a check is not found or was found to be Risky/Bad, the order is instead marked as "Cancelled" with the reason "Other."

Verifying Funds / When To Ship Product

At the bare minimum, we advise any merchant to ensure that the check made it into their Green account before shipping any product. Some merchants ship immediately upon receipt by Green, some merchants wait until Green has finished processing the payment, and others wait until funds 100% clear into their bank account. That decision is up to each individual merchant.

Risky Checks

Unlike our WooCommerce plugin, Shopify does not allows checks to be overridden. If a customer's routing/account fails eVerification, then the check will not be accepted into Green and the order will be marked as canceled. If you must take a check from a Risky customer, then you'll have to enter that check manually into Green, through your portal, as a single check and manually update the status of the Shopify order in your system.