BigCommerce Code Doc

The code base is located at


This codebase uses the Yii framework for MVC organization of code.

The base application url is

All calls are funneled through this endpoint and routed appropriately. (e.g. appending /site/ordersave will call the ordersave controller)

The models are linked to db tables through "ActiveRecord" (this is a table to object mapper)


There is a database being housed on that stores a mix of BigCommerce order data and our data.

This data is used for updating BigCommerce order status after communication and processing with our api.

Configuration Screen

This is where the merchant will input their Green Credentials. 

This configuration data is saved and  used for future api calls to our server.

The configuration screen is accessed by going to


There is a JavaScript file that controls interactions with the customer. "

This script will take the order data from BigCommerce on checkout and send it to

This will render the view that allows the customer to enter their payment info (routing_number, account_number, etc..)

After the payment is processed it will make a call back to BigCommerce to update the order status in the Merchants store.


The client installation docs can be found at

Essentially the Merchants are having to build out their own plugin via the Draft Apps area with our documentation.