If a check bounces back to your bank account unpaid contact your customer to arrange payment. The decision to allow another check payment is up to you as a business. We cannot guide in whether or not to process another check.

If the check was NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) or UFH (Unavailable Funds Hold) you can upload a copy of the returned check to us and we can reprocess it Free of Charge. CLICK HERE for more information.

If the check was returned RTM (Refer To Maker) the "Maker" is your customer. You will need to speak to your customer to find out why their bank returned the check with this stamp. It can be many different reasons. 

If the check was returned UNKNOWN ACCOUNT contact your customer. It is possible the name is incorrect, such as Jane Doe instead of John Doe, or the address is incorrect. The name and address on the check MUST MATCH the information on file at the bank.

If the check was returned STOP PAYMENT, FRAUD, WARRANTY BREACH, or CLOSED ACCOUNT please contact your customer and arrange for payment via other means. If any of these stamps are on the check we highly recommend collecting Certified Funds in place of a new check.

We hope this helps with your return/s. If you need further assistance, please call and speak to a customer service specialist. If you are getting a high number of returns we do offer guidance and have advanced tools to help get the numbers down to a reasonable level.