Yes. You may make deposits to as many U.S. bank accounts as you wish. We can set the system to rotate your deposits into accounts by percentage. As an example, if you have a Chase and a Bank of America account you could split them 80-20, or 50-50, or whatever percentage you choose. This operation requires assistance from a representative.

If you do not wish to place checks into accounts by percentage we can set up multiple merchant accounts, so you may pick and choose where the money goes check by check.

***The system does not split a single check into percentages. It takes the checks you enter and places checks into different accounts based on the percentages given. A request for a 50-50 split will not always split correctly. As an example, if you have two checks, one for $500 and another for $400, the system will place one $500 check into one account and the other $400 into the other.***