At Green, we offer several types of verification services. Here are the options: 


E-Verify is a super-fast electronic verification that is automatically performed on ALL checks entered into the Green gateway. Unless you specifically request that we do not perform such verifications on your checks, they are done automatically. This electronic verification uses data we purchase that comes from Banks and Large Merchants. It is NOT a guarantee of funds but does a proprietary look for negative data that may affect your ability to collect on the check/s you are accepting.  


Our Live-Verify check verification service is available as an option and must be chosen at the time you enter a check (if available). Not all banks are available. Our in-house call center does the verifications. Our reps call the bank to verify the funds on the day the transaction is set to process. The representative will verify everything the bank will allow, such as Funds Availability, Name on Account, Address and Telephone Number, and more. It is NOT a guarantee of funds, but gives you the most up to date information possible with live, up to the minute data direct from the customer's bank. There is no better way to be secure about a check. If you have any questions about our verification services, please email a representative at Support@Green.Money.