First, log into your account and make sure the batch was processed.

1. Go to REPORT on the menu bar.

2. Click on CHECK HISTORY.

3. Review the history to make sure your batch processed, as well as the date it processed.

4. Click on the date of the processing you wish to review. 

5. On the left side of each check, there is a CHECK ID. You can click on the CHECK ID to get instant tracking information about your deposit. If you have Remote Deposit setup with us and your bank it will say "scanned." If not, it will show all of the tracking details.

If the batch did process, please allow 1-banking days for it to post to your account. We process to all financial institutions Same and Next Day. Remember, you will not see deposits post on Saturdays, Sundays, or Federal Bank Holidays.

If you do not see your deposit by the 2nd banking day, we do want to hear from you.