Weebly is a website building application. Since we do not directly integrate with Weebly, you would need to consult with them or an outside programmer on integrating with our payment gateway. We do offer an API and professional SDK. We also offer Payment Buttons. These tools allow you to professionally integrate into almost any website or shopping cart.

The Payment Button option can be done without professional assistance. The others would require some level of programming experience. We have an in-house programming team to assist with integration. Our programmers are fluent in most all of today's coding languages. Although we do not outsource them for your programming needs, they can and will work with anyone you decide to hire to make the integration go as smooth as possible.

Why are we not integrated with Weebly?

Initial programming takes time and can cost lots of money, and must also be maintained through regular updates to the code. Weebly has not been requested enough times to warrant integration and maintenance.

Will you eventually integrate with Weebly?

That depends on many factors, which include the number of merchants that have requested the integration, whether Weebly will allow it, the amount of time and money required to complete the project, as well as the maintenance costs. As an example, there is a platform we looked into that asked us to pay an upfront fee of $40,000, as well as an annual 10% ($4000) license fee. We had three merchants request the integration. The sheer costs involved were prohibitive. Although this is an extreme case, we like to mention it so you understand the complexities that are sometimes involved in integrating with a third party platform.