Green.Money offers multiple verification options. If any negative information is found while verification is performed, that check will be flagged as Risky/Bad and will not be submitted to your bank. Depending on the negative information found, you may have the option to override our verification warning and process the check anyway, but this is never advised by Green. Our verification system is in place to protect your bank account from experiencing issues caused by returns. Not all verification codes can be overridden so you will need to review the check in the Risky/Bad check section of your Green portal for more information. 

How to view your RISKY/BAD CHECKS and the options available to you:

1. Log into your merchant account at Green.Money

2. Go to CHECKS on the menu bar

3. Choose option RISKY/BAD CHECKS

4. If a Risky/Bad check is found, you can identify the specific return code by clicking the VERIFY CODE

5. The options to DELETE, RE-PROCESS, and OVERRIDE WARNING are listed on the right-hand side of the Risky/Bad check entry

    -The RE-PROCESS and OVERRIDE WARNING options are not always available